Sonos Beam

The Sonos Beam is everyone’s best friend when it comes to crisp, clear, deep and punchy sound. Following hot on the heels of the acclaimed Sonos One, the Sonos Beam is more than just a speaker. Under its tiny hood, there’s an HDMI connector, a voice controller, and lots of other new additions. The Sonos Beam is the perfect speaker if you’re looking for more in less.

Exceptionally Good Sound

Don’t let the small dimensions of this little speaker trick you. Sonos TruePlay system takes care of the heavy lifting. Once the wireless speaker learns to tailor the sound to the room’s dimensions and your listening spot through the intuitive TruePlay system, you can play around with the sound options that come with the speaker. There’s a Loudness setting enabled by default to bring the bass to all your movies and music.

Design and Build

The Sonos Beam is able to pack all its features in a 65cm body making it smaller than its predecessors. All the touch controls are on the top, making them easier to access and manipulate, even though the speaker comes with a handy voice control feature. There’s an LED light that shows the status of the wireless speaker, a pairing button, HDMI connector, and an ethernet port at the back.

Setting Up the Sonos Bar

You’ll need to verify a few things before getting the Sonos Beam. You’ll need an HDMI Arc on your TV. If your TV supports HDMI Arc, setting up the Sonos Beam is a walk in the park. You synchronize the TV’s sound and picture with the Sonos Beam with nothing more than the TV’s remote control. If you don’t have HDMI Arc on your TV, you’ll have to use an optical cable to connect your wireless speaker to the TV.