Motorola Phones

The use of mobile phones in this era is very high bet it for personal use, business deals, education, playing games and so on. There are numerous mobile phone brands available on the market. When it comes to the most competitive smartphones available, Motorola phones are much ahead in technology. It is the best mobile phone brand.

Motorola and Google

Motorola, an American consumer electronics, and telecommunications company founded in 2011, basically manufacturing smartphones and mobile devices which run on the Android, which is an operating system developed by Google. Google planned to operate as an independent company. Motorola, after being split, was acquired by Google and the company gained a wide market at the entry level for its smartphone technology. At the same time, it could protect the other Android vendors.

Motorola and Lenovo

Motorola company was owned by Google for a short period as they had announced to sell most of their mobility to a Chinese company, Lenovo. Motorola was acquired by Lenovo in the year 2014, after this acquisition Lenovo positions as the third-largest maker of smartphones. Motorola already has a strong momentum in the marketplace because of its highly successful product launches and groundbreaking innovations and technology.

Motorola and their Innovations

Years after the acquisition of Motorola by a Chinese company known as Lenovo it showed tremendous growth in its smartphones technology. In the year 2013, it unveiled Moto X in the United States and Canada. Later in November it also released the Moto X (2nd generation) in 2014 and also (3rd generation ) in 2015. Moto E was released in the year 2014 which had great success because it was a low budget and affordable smartphone for the consumers.

Motorola Smartphones

Smartphones from motorola was lacking behind in the early years when the iPhone and smartphones from other manufacturers came out, but in the recent years they have recovered that ground and nowadays their smartphones is basically as good as the other ones. You can do pretty much everything on them as you can on the others, for example, surf the web, use maps, play games and play casino on motorola.