Google Home

Google Home big and smallGoogle is an American company whose presence in every corner of the world cannot be disputed. Founded way back in 1998 by Stanford University Phd students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google offers an array of internet-based products and services which include search engine, online-based advertising, cloud computing, hardware and software. With the world gravitating towards artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT), Google can’t be wished away.

The Smart Speaker That Listens to You

Google is committed to leveraging the artificial intelligence technology through creating innovative products that are meant to make our lives a little more exciting. The first Google smart speaker, for instance, was launched in 2016. Since then the speakers have improved to even serve you better. Basically, the smart speaker allows you to speak a range of commands thereby creating a virtual platform to interact with services through the Google assistant.

Google Smart Speaker Services

As you speak commands to the Google speaker, here are some of the services both third-party and in-house that are integrated into the system. With the smart speaker, you can listen to music, get news updates exclusively via the voice, photos and videos can be played back. Interestingly, this Google smart product has an integrated service that allows home automation hence you can control your home appliances via the voice.

Google Smart Technology in Summary

Google is a global leader in technological innovations. Universally, it is mostly known for its unparalleled search engine. Nonetheless, its software products are some of the best. Based on an artificially intelligent system, Google launched smart speakers which you can comfortably control with your voice without having the hassle of pressing volume and playback buttons.