Google Home

Sound quality is very important and with Google Home, sound has by no means been glossed-over. Every Google Home comes packed with some cool features and capabilities. One of these is that it started out as being bilingual but Google has provided another 22 languages to Home. Some of these are English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German and Japanese.

Google Home manages household tasks

Wondering whether to go for Google or Alexa? Google Home has features that Amazon’s speakers don’t have. People rely on Home to manage many of their household tasks. Then again the Alexa is cool in that you can take it with you in your car, Still, Google Assistant has some surprising tricks up its sleeve that Apple’s Siri doesn’t have such as giving you control over your Google Home’s voices and accents, so you personalize your assistant

A simple voice request for information

Get some answers from the home speaker on what the weather’s up to, what your favorite sport team is doing and what the traffic is like. Use your voice to choose listening to the radio, podcasts or music. Google Home will let you use your voice to command it to make your life easier by setting temperatures or dimming the lights.

Take the trouble to know Google Home

So many people are already relying on Google Home to lighten their everyday chores such as ordering groceries. What’s more it’s attractive looking and uncluttered. The touch panel on the top allows you to adjust the volume and the LED indicator lights alert you to the fact that the Home is responsive and ready for your next command.