Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is at the forefront of technology with a revolutionary new way to dry hair which is faster and less aggressive. It is light, elegant, easy to handle and less noisy. Almost 60 years after the first hairdryer hit the market, there was no real evolvement in the technology up until today. This new model has brought a new twist to hair care.

Is it worth the money?

With variable speed settings and heat levels, the high-end Dyson dryer will leave you amazed. The V9 digital motor allows you to control the heat to dry your hair. The best part is that while it dries your hair in an efficient manner, it does so without damaging your scalp. To achieve this, it regulates air temperature every 20 seconds to ensure it stays constant.

The Additional Accessories

Apart from variable speed settings and heat levels, various accessories such as the Dyson diffuser, which allows you to define the curls avoiding frizz, or the brushing concentrator, which allows you to comb your hair strand to strand without the risk of removing the rest of the hair are important assets that make this dryer Dyson Supersonic hair even more desirable.

An investment worth it

For both beginners and advanced users, this Dyson Supersonic dryer is an essential accessory that protects and brightens your hair in record time. The price is worth it. It is an excellent long-term investment because it will allow you to do all the professional hairstyles yourself without the need of a hairdresser.