Digital UX User Experience

Digital UX is a user experience design that is created to generate positive emotions and shows the user what the experience will be, before interacting with the digital product. The product is built having the user in mind, in the sense that it fits the customer’s expectation. The design is then validated through positive user feedback.

The Always Evolving User Experience

ux designUser experience is the feeling a person gets when interacting with a computer system. The UX designer who creates it will examine and evaluate how users feel about a system, and try their best to make it an easy and pleasant experience. UX is relatively new compared to other disciplines, and its major concern is that any design decision should be based on the wants and needs of users.

Why Is UX Important?

There have been great technological changes over time, and the number of people accessing websites increases on a daily basis. The websites too, are also becoming more complex by the day. Therefore, there is a need for a user experience designed for greater effectiveness. Accessibility is also of key importance, with UX designers ensuring that there is universal access to web-based products.

User Experience Is Different From Usability

The two words have been used synonymously, but in the real sense, they are different. UX is all about the feeling that a user gets when using a computer system. Usability, on the other hand, is the bigger part of the user experience. It deals with user-friendliness and efficiency, but with information and design principles playing a major role as well.