Angry birds

Angry birds is a video game based franchise spreading across multiple platforms, devices, and operating systems, spreading its influence over to the toy isles, the silver screen, Tv shows, clothing, theme parks, food, and much more. And this global phenomenon with no signs of stopping started with a flock of colored birds fighting against green pigs.

How to Play

angry birds pictureIn the original Rovio game (and many of its sequels: Seasons, Space, Rio, Star Wars), the player helps different colored birds retrieve their eggs that were stolen by green pigs, their enemies. Using a sling, the player launches the birds (different colors mean different abilities) in an attempt to either strike the pigs directly or to hurt them by collapsing their surroundings onto them. There can also be additional items and power-ups that help the player.

More Than a Sling

The developers have created many games with a different gameplay than the original series. There is a racing game called Angry Birds Go! as well as some tile-matching games (Angry Birds Blast, Angry Birds Match), some with role-playing elements (Angry Birds Epic), shooters (Angry Birds: Transformers) and so on. Even the Pigs got their own game (Angry Birds: Piggies).

Angry Birds Beyond Games

For a video game series with quite a simple, yet engaging, premise Angry Birds have had a long cultural reach and impact. The characters from the games have appeared in numerous TV ads, in sports, and in pop culture. The games have even inspired several papers dealing with matters of religion.