Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo (usually called ‘Echo’) is a type of artificially intelligent speaker developed by Amazon in 2010. The device is connected to the voice intelligence service ‘Alexa’ and will wake to the call of its name. The Amazon Echo speaker can play music, interact with certain commands and questions, provide customizable help through downloadable apps (called skills), make calls, and provide real-time information such as weather and traffic updates.

What It Can Do

amazon echo pictureAmazon Echo is able to perform voice interactions, play music, stream podcasts, set alarms, download skills (which are apps made specifically for Echo and range from games to banking info to smart home controls) play games, connect to other Echo devices, or mobile phones via the Alexa App. There are constant updates released and with new skills developed each week, you’ll find this device to be a handy household help

Design And Features

The new look of the Amazon Echo is quite smaller than its earlier predecessor making it more stable and able to stand on its own with no support. The earlier echo was always feared to topple with the slightest nudge. The new improvement; however, makes the new Echo much sturdier. The Echo’s shell can be changed to other desired colors in case you want to customize your device.

Why The Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo is a must-have device thanks to the constant skill updates and affordable pricing. It is definitely a better-looking speaker than it’s competing speakers on the current market. Apart from playing music, the speaker performs other intelligent functions, customizable to the skills you choose. As simple as this may sound, this Amazon speaker is actually a glimpse of the future.