2018 Digital Design

Design trends are always changing, and recognising a complete innovation is almost an art in itself. Cool ideas and simple updated changes can very soon catch on. Once that happens, they start to spread rapidly and influence every sector. From bold duotones and typography to authentic photography and vintage branding, 2018 will prove to be an interesting year.

Creative And Interactive Typography

interactive typoCreative and bold typography has been a leading new digital design trend for several years and will continue to lead the field. Along with this comes new and imaginative techniques with cropped typography. This creatively erases parts of the letters but still maintains their readability. Future design predictions also show a trend for the typography actually interacting with elements of the overall design, or the letters turned into real-life objects.

Minimalist And Simple Styles

2018 will continue with a minimalist focus on clean and simple designs. The use of flat graphics is one method that can be seen on everything from packaging to websites. A stripping back of the layers, with text and detail concerned with the core information, is bound to feature in future design trends. However, shadows are likely to make a comeback.

Movement And Animations

Possibly one of the biggest trends are microinteractions, which are small animations used to help users complete tasks or to interact with them. These are also useful for providing feedback to users when they perform actions. GIFs and cinemagraphs will also be a popular inclusion in designs, having evolved to be sleek, effective and engaging.